About Ingenious Concepts

Give ‘Em The Big Finger

The Beginning

We started in 2018, Ingenious Concept is an independent IT company from, Pakistan. IC is fast growing company and we offer a range of IT related services to our valued clients. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art IT development and creative services to our clients worldwide. Backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced team members, we are able to extend such services using the most cutting edge technologies. We follow a structured process of development and offer timely project delivery. We have developed multi-million dollar games and turn-key web based projects for UK, USA and Australia based clients.


Today we employ more than 30 people from all corners of Pakistan. Headquartered in Johar Town, we are continuing to grow & expand towards our never-ending goal of world domina…. Uhhh… Making great games.


Our company slogan is “Adding Games To Your Life” and we truly believe that the core principle of what makes Ingenious Concepts – Is its people. A unique and diverse group of battle-hardened professionals at the peak of their fields, each joint by the love of making amazing video games.

We are weird, but nice.

Anonymous Manager